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Friday, 4 January 2013

We're Back!

We wanted to use this post to show everyone some other artwork! This will include banners and hand printed posters by Monique Martin! To start with the banners: Students here at Georges Vanier School have been spending some classes researching some Shakespearian quotes. They picked their favourites and we will be putting them on some banners that will then be hanging on lightposts in Saskatoon. But, since some of our beloved followers don't live in Saskatoon, we're also here to post some pictures!

 Soon, there will be many just like this all over Saskatoon!

And now we have some posters by Monique Martin! For anyone who doesn't know how this works: Ms. Martin started with a print block and some carving tools. Everything that is left white on here was hand-carved. When she wanted to test something, she would take and ink roller and some ink, ink the block, and then stamp the block on the paper. And since the stamping caused a mirror effect, everything (font and all) and to be carved backward.

 On the top left, we have the ink block Monique carved. Top right, you can the sword and the iris (a flower meaning friendship, hope, wisdom and valour). On the bottom is a final copy. A few will be for sale Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

"The wise and fool, the artist and unread..."

Agamamnon, Troilus and Cressida, Act I, Scene III