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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Some Batiks!

Todays post will be about our batiks (say: ba-teeks)! Grade sevens and eights worked on these for four weeks (one 60 min. class per week) and they look pretty nice if we do say so ourselves.

To make a batik (student friendly, of course), we started with draft paper and drew the Shakespeare plant we had chosen (grapes, pomegranate, primrose etc.). After completing our draft, we went over them in permanent black marker and taped them to a rectangle of white cloth. We then traced  over the lines with resist (a substance to mimic wax, but actually it's alum and flour. Professionals use hot wax.) which will be white after we dye it. We then took very watery acrylic paint and once it had dried, we peeled the resist off and sewed borders. The grade sixes are learning to sew, so they did the borders with some help.
This is a sampling of the various paints we used.

Here we have a student chipping the resist off his batik.

And now some grade six sewing.
It took awhile...

And we finally had our finished products! Yay!

Each student had to find a quote about the plant on their batik and they will be displayed inside the Shakespeare tent!

"See where she comes, apparell'd like the spring."

Pericles, Pericles, Act I, Scene I

Erin and Claire