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Thursday, 24 January 2013

More Cut-outs!

Our Mystery Man is finally finished so we will be posting some pictures of him!

 Here we have a student (well, just his face) with the finished product...
Alright, everybody!!! This is your last chance to guess!!! Who is he?
Drum-roll, please!
      That's right everybody! This is William Shakespeare himself, in front of the globe theatre! At his side is a real (not really) 3D sword made of wood. Ms. Martin's WONDERFUL former student Mr. David Schrader made the sword yesterday and ta-da! Instantly amazing!

Just so you can see it better, we have David's sword:



And since we finished working with Shakespeare, our wonderful students began on the next project: Romeo and Juliet! In this photo, you can see (in front) some grade 8 students painting the background for the star-crossed lovers while some from the younger grades begin work on some of their own projects.
"By this hand, I am. Good fool, some ink, paper and
light; and convey what I will set down to my lady:
it shall advantage thee more than ever the bearing
of letter did."
Malvolio, Twelfth Night, Act IV, Scene II