Detailed Description of Project

Friday, 19 April 2013

Files are at the Printer

Hi Team,

I wanted to let every student that worked on the project know that I am very very proud of you. This was a challenging project, long and hard and it required intense concentration. You were amazing. The files are at the printer (Pelican Media), Josh was amazed at what you had done.

I also want to thank Liz at the City of Saskatoon for all she has done to make the project happen.

It will be very exciting the day that the first proof is printed and we can actually see and touch what we have done.

The City of Saskatoon has been added to our sponsor list. Due to their help we will have banners down 21st as well as on Spadina Cres.

My favorite quotation from the entire project is: "Neither is good or bad, it is thinking that makes it so." Shakespeare

Ms. Martin