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Monday, 4 February 2013


Hullo, everybody!! We are so grateful to anyone who has viewed our blog! So anyway, we have got some really cool pictures from E.L.O, which stands for Extended Learning Opportunities,  (Gifted Ed) and in E.L.O, we are making a large book! It is really awesome, because we have got kids from other schools coming to our art room and working on this with us. Random fact; you can actually eat gold leaf, and it won't do any harm to you. Unless you eat too much. So anyway, we are taking Shakespeare quotes and making the first letter William Morris style.
We were very impressed with this one. Or at least I was.

 Below, we have our dear friends letter. I like her rose.

After this, we take our quotes, glue them on giant paper ( in place of a T-square) and trace them on vellum, which a really thin paper, that actually used to be made of animal hide. After that, we use a special glue to paste real gold leaf on our letter.
 Above we have a student working on tracing on their velom.

 Another student.
Above we have a very messy table. Sorry, that was my table.
 This is awesome.
 After that, we use acrylic paint to paint the letters, and today, we finished with putting our letters in the drying rack. We will post more stuff after!

Now, fair one, does your business follow us? 
All's Well That Ends Well, The King of France, II, i