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Monday, 10 June 2013

All the World's a Stage - Media Event - Shakespeare Said

It was quite the morning. Lots of press, lots of fun and the last of the banners were put up around our school in the afternoon.

My favorite photo of the day. Faith looks like she just crossed the finish line first and we sort of did, it was quite the race but we did finish.

Here you have our rich people/poor people in their costumes, sewn by the grade 6 class.

Some cameramen and reporters from Global and Shaw TV...

And don't forget about all us girls!

Or Mark!

Liz from City of Saskatoon getting some shots...

Blog Master Claire photo-bombing...

Getting ready to hoist the first one up.

A Saskatoon Light and Power worker.

Almost done hanging the first banner: "Heart of gold"...

Our principal Mr. Bauche and Faith getting ready to put the second one up

Doesn't it look great??? (The banner, not the sky)

And back to the finish line!

Some people driving stopped to take pictures of the commotion!

Ms. Martin getting interviewed- we always knew she would be a star!

Not sure if he's taking a picture or playing Angry Birds... Probably the first.

The poster was Faith's baby!

It's cool how if you stand in one spot on Spadina, you can see about ten posters.

A bunch of us together

There it is! Finished product!

Applause from the crowd...

There goes the second one!


and BAM!

Best moment ever- when the poster rolls down!

The Shakespearean kids trying to stay warmish...

The boy on the left looks cold, doesn't he?

There we go!

Trevor Broughton, marketing director for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan gave a short speech.

As did Ms. Martin.

Then it was Mark's turn.

Trying to look a silly as possible. Good job Lexi.

Now to put some up by our school!

The students here are (starting from left) Elizabeth, Isaak, and in the back, Evan. They were there with Evan's dad, Ms. Martin and two Educational Assistant's.

Wow. Enough pictures? Who was in charge of this camera?

Wonder which one this is?

"And so, God give you quiet rest to-night."

Just wanted to say that this is Claire's banner (well, one of the many).

"Celebrate the joy that God hath given us."

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

"What's done is done."

One of the EAs, Miss Michaels, posing for a picture with Isaak.

Hope you come by and see them sometime!